UFC Gym: Honest Review by Ex-Employee (Is It Good?)

Is UFC Gym good

After working for a UFC Gym for six months, I’m writing an honest review for anyone asking ‘is UFC gym good?’. While I was working there, I was able to get first-hand experience of the training and the gym itself.

UFC Gym is a good option for fitness and learning martial arts, including Muay Thai, BJJ, Judo, Boxing, MMA and group fitness classes. UFC Gym also has world-class gym facilities, equipment and specialist coaches. With the UFC in town, you can also see UFC fighters show up at UFC Gym to meet fans.

 In this article we will cover:

  • UFC Gym instructors
  • What UFC Gym classes are available
  • What UFC Gym facilities are like
  • How much does UFC Gym cost? (Honestly, it’s hard to give you an exact number here because the UFC Gym do not post their prices online and the cost may differ from gym to gym, but I’ll tell you everything I know)

UFC Gym Full Review: Instructors, Classes, Facilities & Cost

As you would expect from an extension of a multi-billion-dollar company such as the UFC, their gyms offer high quality, world class instructors and facilities.

Let’s look at each a little more.

Who Are The UFC Gym Instructors?

The instructors are world class, highly experienced trainers and they make the place in my opinion.

The UFC has built their brand over the years to be known as the world leader in Mixed Martial Arts.

So, they have high standards when it comes to hiring their staff and instructors because it’s those staff and instructors who directly reflect the UFC brand.

The level of experience is going to vary depending on which UFC Gym you go to. But to give you an idea of what to expect here’s just a brief overview of some of the people we had at the UFC Gym where I worked:

  • A black belt Judo instructor: who had worked at the highest level of close protection security all over the world before becoming the head Judo instructor
  • A multiple-time Muay Thai world champion: as head Muay Thai instructor
  • Three Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belts: plus a range of instructors from blue belt through to black
  • A professional female MMA fighter: who was still active in her fighting career

Plus, other guest instructors in wrestling and boxing.

Most of the instructors were all experienced in a range of martial arts (as you’d expect at an MMA gym), most were BJJ black belts too and most had years of experience and long fighting careers behind them.

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Key Points:

  • The UFC Gym hires world class, highly experienced instructors with knowledge of a range of martial arts

What Classes Do UFC Gym Offer?

The UFC Gym offer a whole range of classes focusing on everything from fitness to martial arts.

Here’s just some of the classes you can expect from a UFC Gym:

Martial ArtsFitness
Brazilian Jiu-JitsuDUT – Daily Ultimate Training
Muay Thai & KickboxingConditioning

It’s important to ask yourself what are your goals and aspirations though. Do you want to lose weight and get fit or maybe learn a martial art?

Great, a UFC Gym will help you get there.

But what if you’re looking to become a professional fighter?

Well its important to remember that the UFC Gym cater to all needs and so therefore there are going to be all kinds of people there, all with different goals.

Most of the other students will not be aspiring to become MMA fighters. So maybe the level of training partner won’t be skilled enough to push you to a professional level if that’s what your goal is.

Alternatively, most grass-roots, purely MMA focused gyms, will have plenty of hyper focused people who are all training towards becoming a fighter for you to partner up with and to push you, forcing you to get better.

Just something worth thinking about.

It is worth mentioning too though, that the UFC Gym which I worked at had a couple of members who were professional fighters. But they jumped between gyms to get a variety of training partners and the UFC Gym was not the only place they trained.

Key Points:

  • UFC Gyms are great if your goal is either to lose weight and get fit or to learn a martial art
  • If you’re looking to become a fighter and increase your skill to a professional level though, there are probably better options out there

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What Are UFC Gym Facilities Like?

Most UFC Gyms boast an area of thousands of square feet and are equipped with a whole host of world class facilities.

Here’s just some of what you can expect:

Martial Art FacilitiesFitness FacilitiesOther Facilities
UFC OctagonFitness StudioFull-Service Locker Rooms
Bag AreaWeights AreaCafe
BJJ & Grappling MatsIndoor TurfRetail Store

Some UFC Gyms have more, some have less.

We used to stay on top of the changing rooms tidiness too, and had regular cleaning staff come in after-hours and give the whole place a full clean down ready for the next day.

So you know that when you’re joining a UFC Gym, you’ll get some of the world’s best gym facilities and equipment available, and all of which is kept clean and tidy for every time you visit.

Key Points:

  • UFC Gyms boast a massive, fully equipped training facility and is regularly kept clean and tidy

How Much Does UFC Gym Cost?

Honestly, this is a bit of a grey area. I had my membership for free, so it’s hard to give you an exact number. But here’s what I know:

The UFC Gym do not post their prices online and may differ from gym to gym. The best way to find their membership prices is by booking an appointment at your nearest UFC Gym and speaking to their sales team.

  • They have a joining fee of a few hundred dollars/ pounds
  • Most similar gyms charge anywhere from $55 – $100 (USD) per month
  • You have a choice of membership terms. Including: 3, 6 or 12 months long, which will affect the price you pay per month

During the whole time I was there, I never heard of one person having to actually pay the initial joining fee.

They always dropped it as an incentive for you to join right there on the day.  And from digging around online, it seems that a lot of other gyms use the same sales tactic.

As for the monthly cost, you could try calling them up and asking over the phone, but from experience, they will not want to give you the price over the phone.

Honestly, I think it is better if you just turn up at the gym one day or book in for an appointment.

They’ll have someone show you around the gym and facilities and talk you through all the different classes and memberships that they offer.

Key Points:

  • To get the exact price for the UFC Gym near you, you’ll need to go in and speak to their sales team

Related Questions

Skill Level: Do you need to be good at martial arts to join the UFC Gym?

You can join UFC Gym at any skill level, no matter how much or how little experience you have.

As is the same with every other martial arts gym in the world, there are going to be some people there who are absolute weapons and who have been training for years (but also some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet by the way) and there’ll be others who have never thrown a punch or a kick in their lives and who aren’t quite sure whether to wear the boxing gloves are for their hands or their feet lol.

Key Points:

  • You do not need to have any martial arts experience to join

Fitness Level: Do you need to be fit to join UFC Gym?

The UFC Gym welcomes all shapes and sizes and all fitness levels. If you can’t keep up that’s fine, UFC Gyms are not regimented-die-hard fighter gyms, so they’ll be no screaming and shouting at you if you have to sit out or take a break. But what will happen, is they’ll get you fit and in shape over time.

Key Points:

  • You do not need to be fit to join UFC Gym

Do UFC fighters train at UFC Gyms?

Generally speaking, UFC fighters have their own local gyms that they train out of and do not regularly train at the UFC Gym.

But most of the time, when the UFC is in town, they’ll have some fighters show up for photo opportunities, open workouts and autograph signings.

At the UFC Gym I worked at, we had Mark Hunt, Robert Whittaker, Misha Tate, BJ Penn and Urijah Faber all pass through.

Just don’t expect to see them in there all the time or to see Dana White sitting at the reception desk when you first walk in lol.

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