Are Boxing Tickets Worth It?

Are boxing tickets worth it

As boxing continues to be a hugely popular sport around the world with some much-anticipated fights being put together, you may be planning to buy a ticket to a live boxing match. But, are boxing tickets worth it?

Boxing event tickets are worth it to experience the atmosphere live in the venue. Including all the highs and lows, boos and cheers, plus you get the opportunity to witness boxing history happen in front of you, and maybe meet famous boxers. This is possible with tickets, not watching on TV at home.

With that being said, let’s see what makes boxing tickets worth buying in this article, including:

  • The price of boxing tickets
  • Your view into the ring: which seats give the best view? Find out in my article: where to sit at a boxing match
  • And, the pros and cons of watching live vs at home

Are Boxing Tickets Worth It?

In my opinion, tickets to live fight night events are well worth the money because they offer so much more than what you can get from watching on TV at home. 

However, whether or not you will think tickets are worth buying for a live event, or whether you should stay home and watch on TV, will likely depend on the following few factors:

  • How much do boxing tickets cost?
  • And, what is the live event like vs watching at home?

So, to help you decide, I’ve covered these topics in this article.

Price of Boxing Tickets

The first big thing to think about when deciding whether or not to buy boxing tickets is how much do boxing tickets cost to live events?

There is no exact price of boxing tickets for a live event. Factors such as the featured fighters’ global popularity, event location, and where your seats are within the venue, will all affect the price of your boxing ticket. Depending on these factors, you could pay anywhere from $80-$500+.

The only way you’ll find the exact price of a ticket for a boxing event online, is by checking the ticket listing for the event you want to go to at the time they’re listed.

But of course, the cost of your ticket will determine where you’re sitting within the venue, which will then affect your view of the ring. 

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Your View Into The Ring

In most venues where live boxing matches are hosted, the seating plan will be separated into three main sections. They are:

  • Upper tier seating
  • Middle tier seating 
  • And lower, floor seating

All of which will affect your view of the live-action in the boxing ring. Let’s have a quick look at each one.

Upper Tier Seating. The upper-tier seating is located the furthest back from the ring but is elevated above all the other seats in the venue, meaning you get a clear unobstructed view straight into the ring. 

Middle Tier Seating. Middle-tier seats are closer to the ring, and still offer a clear, unobstructed view of the fights, but because you’re closer, the view you get is generally better. In my opinion, the middle tier offers the best balance between the view of the action, and the cost of the ticket.

Lower Floor Seating. If your boxing ticket is located on the lower floor seating area of the arena, then the closer you are to the ring, the better your view will be of the fights. 

However, the seats nearest the ring are the most expensive ones and are usually VIP guest seats costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

The further back your seats are on the floor level, the more obstructed your view will be. This is because there are all the other rows of seating in front of you, filled with spectators whose heads you’ll need to look over to see the fights. 

“Middle tier seats offer the best balance between view of the action, and cost of the ticket.”

Live Boxing Tickets Vs Watching At Home

Of course, you don’t need to buy a ticket to the live event to watch the latest boxing matches. You can always buy the pay-per-view instead and watch it on TV from home.

However, there are pros and cons to each. Watching from home is going to work out much cheaper than buying a ticket and watching from within the arena for sure. Especially if you factor in additional costs like travel and potentially, accommodation if you need to stay over for the night. Plus there’s also the nightlife after the fights if you plan to head out into the city. 

Whereas watching from home, the only costs involved are the pay-per-view, some food, and of course, some beers – most of which you can all chip into and split the cost with your buddies. 

Plus, when you watch on the TV from home, you also get to enjoy the play-by-play commentary and fight breakdowns – something you don’t get when you’re in the live crowd.

But there are two big things which you will not get from watching at home. Those are mainly the atmosphere in the arena as part of a live crowd, and the potential chance to meet some of your favorite fighters who are also at the fights.

Atmosphere At Live Boxing

By far, one of the biggest advantages to buying tickets to a boxing event over watching at home is the electric atmosphere inside the arena from the live crowd. Although you can get a feeling for it when watching at home, it’s just not the same as being there live.

For example, when the lights fade out and flood the whole arena with darkness before the music drops and the big screen shows the fighter lined up, ready to walk out and enter the arena to a roar of cheers or boos. 

The announcer calling the main event with “let’s get ready to rumble”, followed by the anticipated fight, with all the action-packed rounds. It’s something that, when witnessed live and not on the TV, makes boxing tickets well worth their cost.

Meeting Famous Boxers

Although meeting famous boxers at a live event is not a guarantee, it is made much more likely by you being there in the same venue at the same time. Many boxers will be there to support their teammates or training partners. 

Meaning, that not only could you approach them in the main arena for a photo, but you may also run into them in the other areas of the venue like at the bar or outside in the parking lots. 
I personally got the opportunity to meet some fighters while I was at a live UFC fight night event, not boxing, but still the same setup within the venue. Meaning there is always the possibility you could run into one of your favorite boxers at a live event.

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