Boxing: Where to Sit? (Get the best view)

Where to sit at a boxing match for the best view

Before you buy your boxing tickets, where is the best place to sit at a boxing match to get the best view?

In general, seats in the middle tiers offer the best views into the boxing ring and of the action on the big screens, with the least obstruction from the camera crew and people sitting in front of you. Floor seats are closer, but cost the most, and upper tier seats are furthest from the ring.

In this article you will get:

  • Boxing seating: quick points to help you buy your tickets
  • View of the big screens
  • All the tiers: lower, middle & upper
  • Your line of sight to the boxing ring

Boxing Match Seating

You will find that most medium to large stadiums and arenas which host live boxing matches have a very similar floor layout when it comes to their seating plans, with each of them having:

  • Lower (Ringside & floor seats)
  • Middle tier seats
  • Upper tier seats

Here’s a diagram of how boxing seating plans look from above:

Diagram of boxing seating plan - top view

And here’s how boxing seating plans look from the side and how your view into the ring will look:

Diagram of boxing seating plan - side view

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Boxing Seats: Quick Points

  • Camera operators will be standing on the corners of the ring and camera booms/cranes will be hanging over the sides
  • Your seating location and the angle of your line of sight will determine how obstructed your view is by the camera team
  • Floor seats are closer to the action, but are the most expensive
  • Floor seats can have a lot of people sitting in front of you on the same level, meaning you’ll be looking around and over the tops of their heads to see the fights
  • Middle-tier seats offer a clear line of sight into the ring and the angle of your view looks above the tops of people’s heads who are sitting in front of you
  • Upper tier seating is located the furthest away from the ring but is the least obstructed by people in front and offers clear views both into the ring and of the big screens

“In general, middle tier seats offer the best balance between distance from the ring, and line of sight to the action.”

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Big Screens

No matter where you’re sitting in the venue, you will be able to get a clear line of sight up at the big screens which are usually located directly above the ring, and sometimes around the walls of the arena too.

In general, the closer you are to the ring, the more you’ll watch the action in person in the ring. The further back you are (in the middle and upper tiers), you’ll find yourself switching between watching the live action in the ring and up on the big screens.

Floor Seats

At a boxing match, the floor seats are usually divided into two sections, they are the ringside VIP guest seats, and the rest of the floor seats for anyone else. Generally, the ringside seats are reserved for VIP guests, celebrities, or the fighters’ families. 

The floor seats are the nearest to the ring but are the most expensive in the entire arena, and some may even have a more obstructed view than others because of the other people sitting in front of you and because of the camera teams around the ring. 

This is because you’re all on the same level looking up into the ring which is slightly raised, whereas the middle and upper tiers are staggered, meaning they look above the seats in front of them with a better angle looking down towards the ring. 

“Floor seats are nearest the ring, but are the most expensive”

Middle Tier

From the middle tier seating, each row of seats is positioned a level above the seats in front, meaning your view will be less obstructed by the people sitting in front of you. Also, your line of sight will be at an angle into the ring.

Middle-tier seats also have a clear, unobstructed view of the big screens in the arena. These seats are usually very popular for fight fans because they are the best balance between price and distance to the ring and line of sight.

If you are torn between buying middle-tier seats or any other, in my opinion, I would go with the middle-tier ones for the best value for money. 

“Middle tier seats are very popular because of their clear views into the ring”

Upper Tier

The upper tier has the highest elevation and therefore, the best angle looking down into the ring and over the heads of people in the seats in front and are generally less obstructed by the camera crews.

However, from the upper tier, the fighters can appear much smaller inside the ring because of the distance of the seating. This can mean you may find yourself looking up at the big screens in the arena more than the actual fight happening in the ring.

But to be honest, this is more of an issue in the massive stadiums. In general, the bigger the venue is, the more you may be looking at the big screens rather than the fight itself.

“The upper tier is the furthest from the action so you may watch the big screens more”

Check The Venue Seating Plan

In general, most venues will have similar seating plans and follow the same sort of structure of lower to upper tier seating as discussed in this article. But it is still important to check the venue’s seating plan for the boxing match you’re going to.

Depending on the size of the venue, will determine the floor plan and seating layout. This can affect your view of the action. 

It’s important to also note that not all seats have the same view from the same tier. For example, depending on the layout of the venue, one seat in the upper tier could have a completely different angle and line of sight into the ring then another upper tier seat (see diagram below).

Diagram of boxing seating distance and line of sight

If you’re unsure of the quality of the view and the angle of your line of sight from a particular seat, it is usually easy to judge by the price of the tickets. For example, if one upper-tier seat is more expensive than another, it probably has a better view of the action.

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