Are UFC Tickets Worth It?

Are UFC Tickets worth it

Live UFC events are being hosted in cities all over the world. Maybe there’s one near you but you’re thinking, are UFC tickets worth it? I’ve been to two live UFC events and here’s what I found.

It is worth buying UFC tickets for the live events because they are fun to go to, plus you’ll be in the crowd and experience the atmosphere inside the arena. You may also get a chance to meet some of your favourite UFC fighters or experience a part of MMA history happening live in front of you.

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With tickets to a live UFC event, you get more than you do by just watching on TV, including:

  • Live view of the action in the octagon
  • The atmosphere of the crowd inside the arena
  • A chance to meet your favourite fighters

Let’s take a look at each one.

Are UFC Tickets Worth It?

Whether or not your tickets are worth it depends on your view into the octagon and the overall experience and atmosphere you get in the arena, versus the price you paid for your tickets.

Price of UFC Tickets

The price of UFC tickets can change massively depending on a couple of things:

  1. The type of event (UFC Fight Night or UFC Pay-Per-View)
  2. The location of your seats (Cage side, floor, middle tier or upper tier)

The only way you’ll get a true price of UFC tickets is by checking the ticket website for the upcoming event.

So let’s have a look at the other three main factors: 1) your view into the octagon, 2) the overall crowd atmosphere inside the arena and 3) a chance at meeting your favourite UFC fighters.

View into the Octagon

The view you get into the octagon will depend on the location of your seats in the arena.

There are three levels of seating that are available in most venues, including:

  • Lower floor seating
  • Middle tier
  • Upper tier

Each one of these levels’ offer different views both into the octagon, and of the big screens in the arena.

Lower floor seating: If you’re on the lower floor seating, then the closer you are to the octagon, the better your view will be of the action – but the price of your ticket will be much more expensive too.

The further back you are on the floor seating area, the more obstructed your view will be by people sitting in front of you.

Middle tier: The middle tier seating is raised higher than the lower floor seating and gives you a clearer view over the heads of the people sitting in front of you.

Meaning, middle tier seating gives you better value for money because you get a clearer view, but for a much lower ticket price.

Upper tier: If you’re sitting in the upper tier seats, then you’ll have the clearest view over people’s heads and over the cage walls.

But because you’re so far away, you will probably watch the big screens more than the live action in the octagon.

For diagrams of UFC seating plans and the views you’ll get into the octagon – check out our article: UFC Event: Where to Sit for the Best View?

If you can only get upper tier seating tickets, they are still worth it because you will still get more than you would from watching on TV, including:

  • being involved with the crowd atmosphere inside the arena
  • and a chance to meet your favourite UFC fighters

Crowd Atmosphere Inside the Arena

Like the gladiators in the Roman Colosseum, there is something very instinctual within us that draws us in to watch two athletes battle it out to see who’s the best.

 And you will definitely feel that primal energy in the crowd at a live UFC event.

The roar of the crowd as the lights darken and the music starts for each fighter’s walk in.

The boos and cheers as the action unfolds inside the octagon.

For example, imagine the energy of the crowd at a McGregor fight in Ireland, or an Anderson Silva fight in Brazil.

Imagine the reactions to the shock upsets, the knockouts, the submissions, and Bruce Buffer’s “its time”!

Each UFC event is a timestamp in MMA history as the fighters on the card fight their way up the UFC rankings and towards a title shot.

With a UFC ticket you’ll have access to witness the up-and-coming fighters before they’re a house hold name.

You’ll witness the already established elite fighters of each division as they continue to cement their legacy in the co-main and main events.

And you’ll also be able to look back and remember that you were there to witness MMA history in the making.

Chance to Meet UFC Fighters

Unless you buy a UFC VIP pass which includes meeting Dana White and fighters, it is not guaranteed that you will meet UFC fighters at a live event.

However, there are usually lots of fighters at the event sitting close to the cage in the floor seating area – normally in the VIP area.

As you are there at the event together, it is very possible that you will bump into fighters, notable UFC staff or famous MMA media personnel, while in and around the venue.

I personally met and engaged with a couple fighters and media personnel while at UFC events, without a VIP pass.

Including a former UFC fighter at a UFC London card, and (the current 135-pound champ at the time) Renan Barao, after another one of his title defenses while tearing through the Bantamweight division.

I also met and had a conversation with an MMA media reporter who I regularly followed on social media for UFC updates and media scrum interviews.

All of these benefits are available to you when you purchase a UFC ticket and go to a live event, which in my experience, make UFC tickets well worth their price tag.

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