Are UFC Events Fun? (What to Expect)

Are UFC events fun

I have been to two live UFC events before, if you’re about to go to one and want to know if UFC events are fun to go to? Here’s what I found.

UFC events are fun because, in general, the crowd atmosphere is electric and fun to be a part of. It’s also fun to take part in the cheering, booing, and singing, plus it’s fun to be in and around the arena during a UFC event, and you may even meet some of your favorite UFC fighters or celebrities.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the main points about a UFC event, including:

  • The crowd atmosphere
  • Where and how to meet some UFC fighters
  • And more

Are UFC Events Fun To Go To?

When some people think of MMA, they think of aggressive screaming fight fans. Even though nowadays the UFC has grown into an international mainstream sport, and has come a long way from its rough and ready beginnings.

The UFC has spent a lot of time (and money) developing both the UFC brand and the sport of Mixed Martial Arts into what they are today.

Their huge growth over the years is down to their supportive, loyal fight fans. And that, is in part, due to the fact the UFC knows how to put on an awesome live event. And they know how to attract us fans back time and time again.

Nowadays, UFC events are held in cities all over the world and attract fans from all over. The crowd at a UFC event is a mix of fight fans, martial art enthusiasts, and your average sports fans too. I’ve even seen families at UFC events.

Plus, it is very common to see famous A-list celebrities, actors, and other big-name sports stars sitting cage side at a UFC event.

Why does this matter? Because it makes for a fun night of fights and an awesome crowd atmosphere. So, when you get yourself a UFC ticket and you’re a part of the crowd, you know you’ll be in for a fun night. It’s what the UFC have spent millions of dollars perfecting, and have built their brand on.

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UFC Crowd Atmosphere

One of the best things I found about being at a live UFC event was how fun it was to be a part of the live crowd and to experience the atmosphere in the arena.

Someone once said to me “why don’t you just watch the UFC on TV?” and to be honest, at the time I didn’t really have a good answer for them. But after going to the live UFC events, my answer is “because the crowd is awesome to be a part of”!

When you’re there live, you will feel it. When Bruce Buffer shouts “it’s time” when the lights go out and the walk-in music starts, when a fighter gets knocked down and gets back up, with each shot, sweep, or submission that lands; the crowd goes wild, and you’ll love it!

“the UFC crowd atmosphere is buzzing”

To give you an idea of what the crowd can be like, check out Darren Till’s walkout at UFC Liverpool in England, or Conor McGregor fighting in Ireland. And it’s not just for Till and McGregor. So many fighters on the UFC roster bring a lot of hype into the arena when they walk in, and the crowd goes wild.

Meeting UFC Fighters & Celebrities At Events

When you’re at the live UFC shows, 9 times out of 10, you’ll see some UFC fighters live in the crowd who are not fighting on the card, but just there to spectate and enjoy the fights.

Usually, they will be sitting down on the lower flower seating area and near the Octagon and the VIP area.

The way the arena seating plans work doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you’ll be sitting next to or near the VIPs (you can discover more about UFC seating and where to get the best view in my other article). But I was able to meet and interact with a couple of UFC fighters and MMA personalities while at the live events just by being in and around the arena.

The best places to get a chance to meet UFC fighters and famous MMA personalities (like UFC staff and reporters) are near the walkout passageways, and on the lower floor area. But I even bumped into one in the carpark/ parking lot after the event had finished.

Are UFC Weigh-In Shows Fun & Worth Going To?

The UFC weigh-ins used to be the real-life weigh-in where we fight fans could watch the fighters step on the scale and see if they’d made weight for the fight.

But, the UFC changed the way they did it and separated the real weigh-ins from the ceremonial weigh-ins. So, what’s the difference? Are UFC weigh-ins fun and are they worth going to?

The real UFC weigh-ins are in front of the media and athletic commission. UFC ceremonial weigh-ins happen after and in front of the fans. UFC ceremonial weigh-ins are fun to go to because you see the fighters face-off with each other, and hear them talk on the mic for the last time before the fight.

Final Thought

If you’re a new UFC fan and haven’t yet been to a live UFC event, then trust me, the events are fun to go to. So hopefully you’ll be convinced to go ahead and get yourself a ticket.

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